Kerr house is a hospice for women based in Durban, South Africa.

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Durban women's Hospice, Kerr House

Domestic violence has become part of everyday life in South Africa which children are exposed to from birth and grow up believing it is a normal way of life. There are implications related to this exposure which can lead to a life of crime or HIV and AIDS.

Kerr House has developed a program targeted at boys and young men which provides them with an alternative model of behaviour which we hope will give them more positive choices in their relationships with women and thereby saying "no" to crime.


Kerr House offers professional counseling to women who are admitted in attempts to provide relief and rehabilitation. Counselors work closely with these women in hopes of teaching them the necessary life skills that will aid in increasing their self-confidence and self-worth.


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- 04 July 2011

Kerr House Knitting Skills

The Kerr House ladies and participants have been knitting up a storm lately in order to raise funds. Donations of wool (any colours and varieties) will be welcome and greatly appreciated.

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